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This program is in the Department of Economics in the College of Social and Behavioral Science. The purpose of the program is to provide training for work in applied statistics relating to problems in economic theory and forecasting.

The Department of Economics is committed to a pluralistic approach to economics as a social science. Its research and teaching activities incorporate investigations of the evolution of economic thought, comparison and critical analysis of a variety of theoretical approaches, and the generation of applied, policy-relevant research that is informed by this broader inquiry.

Please see the Econometrics Information Sheet for requirements, deadlines and courses.

Econ Cert

Econometrics Contacts

Ellis Scharfenaker
Gardner Commons 4333

Alex Frances
Economics Graduate Academic Advisor

Sample Final Projects

Two Bayesian Approaches That Model Longitudinal Endogenous Steroid Patterns And Abnormal Corrected T/E Values Of NFL Players

Last Updated: 9/17/19