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University Statistics Committee

What is the University Statistics Committee?

The University Statistics Committee was formed to administer the Master of Statistics (MStat) degree program, an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary professional degree; and to monitor the proliferation of statistics courses on campus.

Created in lieu of a Statistics Department, the committee has an interest in all advanced degrees in statistics at this university. The committee has no authority to alter course offerings, except the special topics courses offered directly by the committee.

What does the committee do?

Track faculty follows each track's procedures to coordinate with their home department. See program tracks.

In addition, the committee coordinates with related programs to assure that course content meets MStat students' needs.

The chair meets annually with the course coordinator for the Mathematics 5010, 5080-5090, and 6010-6020 classes to review the textbooks and curriculum and provide feedback.

Which department grants the MStat degree?

The MStat degree is granted in a specific department (e.g., MStat in Biostatistics is granted in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine.) However, the Chair of the University Statistics Committee signs on all forms (admissions, candidacy, etc.) as department chair for this program, by agreement with the home departments of each track when the MStat program was created.

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Last Updated: 4/1/21